14 October 2016

Collector Packs

It has been suggested that local post stamp collectors new to Canvey Island LP stamps, could build a complete collection of past issues quickly if sold in 'Collector Packs'.

The CILP Postmaster has proposed offering such packs of mint stamps for sale containing  all stamp issues from the first CILP stamp in 2010, to the current stamp issue at the time of Collector Pack release. It is also proposed that Collector Packs are updated annually each November to include all stamp issues (subject to stock availability).

Would a Collector Pack be useful for you? Let us have your view by leaving a comment on this post before 30 November, 2016, even if you already have CILP stamps in your collection.

The CILP will be releasing a very limited number of Collector's Glassine Bags containing complete sets of all our stamps from 2010-2016 from 19 November. The bags will include the scarce 1914 B.E.F. stamp with the black '1916' overprint to commemorate the Battle of the Somme, and an overprinted 'Specimen' of the currently unissued 'Emergency Mail' stamp. Bags will be available subject to availability from our normal online outlet below and eBay.

UPDATE: 18 June 2018 - Last few packs containing overprints and 'Emergency Mail' stamps will no longer appear on eBay. They will now only be offered at Alpha Thematics