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20 February 2024

Online and Printed Catalogues Update

Canvey Island Local Post 'Penny Black' stamp

 Updates of our illustrated Online Catalogue pages will be suspended from 20 February 2024. Current data in the public domain will remain available online but new issues will not be added to the catalogue listings until further notice. 

CILP has taken this decision due to possible misuse by some individualsbreaching our generous Creative Commons Licence.

Also, our website format and hosting limitations may restrict our ability to expand and accommodate the catalogue in its current format in future. A slimmed-down or 'light' version of the catalogue is being evaluated.

However, our Collector Checklist will be updated for new stamp issues and released as normal under our existing Creative Commons Licence.

A new illustrated and comprehensive printed catalogue covering all cinderella material relating to CILP since its foundation, is being prepared for publication. The First Edition of the CILPDEX catalogue will be available later this year and will be for sale worldwide online from our agent, Alpha Thematics. 

Visit the Canvey Island Local Post Category in the Alpha Thematics shop!