3 January 2021

Covid-19 'Virus' Handstamp (Cachet)

Alongside the issue of CILP Emergency Mail Service stamp on 23 April 2020, a new hand applied cachet came into use on all mail using CILP services. It will be used until trusted sources declare the emergency over and we all have had a vaccine shot!

The design is a stylised Covid-19 ‘Virus’ which has become so familiar in many forms to us on television, news programmes, health notices and social media. It measures approximately 21mm in diameter and will be applied to all mail in addition to normal date cancellations. Keep an eye open for an example!

CILP - Covid-19 'Virus' Handstamp
CILP - Covid-19 'Virus' Handstamp

The production of the handstamp was a rough and ready process to get it prepared in time for simultaneous release with our Emergency Mail Service stamp. It was hand carved from a champagne cork and, I believe, conveys the right impression (pun intended) in these dire circumstances.

Although I have produced clean sharp cachets using digital means in the past, I prefer the manual application and involvement of producing handstamps that have a nostalgic ‘authentic’ look to them. It’s all part of the fun of running a local post!

Keep safe, keep well!