31 October 2018

New Stamp Issues for Autumn

The Canvey Island Local Post is pleased to announce the release of new stamps this autumn commemorating three major anniversaries in UK history.

N.H.S. 70 Years 1948-2018 

The National Health Service was established in 1948 and has changed the lives of generations of Britons. The service continues to offer health care 'from cradle to grave' and although under increasing pressure, remains the flagship institution of social achievement and national pride.

© canveypost.org
The NHS stamp was released on 31 October, 2018, and features the man behind the NHS, ex-coal miner and Labour government minister Aneurin Bevan. Alongside his profile is a quote from the man himself which remains even more poignant and relevant today. 

Women's Suffrage Centenary 1918-2018

The CILP is proud to announce the release of this stamp to salute the struggle of Suffragists and Suffragettes to achieve women's suffrage. 

Not only does this stamp commemorate women's struggle in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, but also acknowledges the continuing fight to achieve women's rights and equality in the UK and worldwide in the 21st century.

© canveypost.org
This is a large format stamp of 79 mm x 54 mm and features a woodcut of by Mary Lanchaster of a Suffragette march in 1918. The stamp was released on 1st November, 2018.

WWI Armistice Centenary 1918-2018

This unique commemoration on the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice recognises the significance of the end of the First World War, and the sacrifice made by so many men and women during the war. The stamp is released on the day of the Armistice Remembrance, 11th November, 2018.

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The stamp reflects the solemnity of the event with a stylised, yet traditional red poppy. The legend, "Lest We Forget"', refers to the often quoted phrase on Remembrance Sunday and is attributed to either the poem "Recessional" by Rudyard Kipling, or Laurence Binyon's "Ode of Remembrance". 

All our anniversary stamps and associated philatelic items will be available from Alpha Thematics on eBid UK from 12th November, 2018.


3 October 2018

400th Anniversary Dutch Cottage Overprint Stamp

The first CILP stamp was issued in November 2010 and featured the historic Dutch Cottage on Canvey Island. Built in 1618, the cottage celebrates its 400th Anniversary this month.

The event almost passed CILP by and I have to admit I took my eye off the ball and forgot all about it! But I could not let the occasion pass by without celebrating the birthday in some way.

© Canveypost.org

As I do not have a dedicated stamp prepared for the occasion, I have overprinted 25 copies of the original 2010 Dutch Cottage stamp with 1618 and 2018 in red ink. 

Crude as the overprint is, the stamp will be available for direct sale to collectors from Alpha Thematics from 4 October, and also used by the Postmaster on official CILP mail until stock is exhausted.

CILP Postmaster