23 April 2021

Latest Stamps Used on Outgoing Mail 23 April

The lucky recipient of this outgoing mail from the Canvey Island Local Post Office will receive our three latest stamps on their cover!

Mail bearing latest Canvey Local Post stamps in April 2021

The cover bears the CILP 10th Anniversary triangle stamp (15 April), the Fight Covid-19 stamp (19 April), and Earth Day stamp (22 April). Postmarked with standard cds and 'Virus' cachet.




16 April 2021

Stamp Release Schedule 2021

Despite production delays and pandemic restrictions, Canvey Island Local Post (CILP) are pleased to announce our stamp schedule for 2021. 

Technical and production details will be published in our online catalogue as soon as possible, as well as an updated online Collector's Checklist.

CILP 10th Anniversary: 15 April 2021

This is our first triangular stamp, and it celebrates ten years in operation as a local post as of November 2020. We have produced 700 of the little beauties as we are  proud of hitting our 10th year! It was planned to release this in November last year, but better late than never!

Canvey Island Local Post 10th Anniversary Triangle stamp


Fight Covid-19: 19 April 2021 

This issue was also delayed from March 2021 due to unforeseen pandemic issues. It is intended as more of a public information poster stamp rather than a fixed postal rate for local mail. It will be used alongside other CILP stamps until exhausted.

Canvey Island Local Post Fight Covid-19 stamp

Earth Day - 'Restore Our Earth': 22 April 2021

Slowing climate change and reversing environmental degradation is the theme for this year's Earth Day. Our stylised stamp is optimistic in the outcome but calls on everyone to 'do their bit'. 

Canvey Island Local Post Earth Day stamp 2021


A variant has also been released that was a result of a simple commercial printer's error, but were too good to scrap. The information line at the bottom of the stamp has been omitted on 10 sheets. These will be used as normal alongside the 'correct' design, so keep an eye on your mail!

Endangered Fauna & Flora - Orchids: 03 May 2021 

The second series in our Endangered Fauna and Flora theme is a set of four rare orchids found in a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) on Canvey Island. Our first series released on 21 August 2017 illustrated endangered insects also found at our local SSSI. (Images to follow on release).

International Nurses Day: 12 May 2021

Celebrating nurses worldwide on their annual international day. Features Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole, a black contemporary of Florence and of equal or greater influence on nursing who has gone unsung for too many years. (Image to follow on release).

Salute Frontline Workers: 31 May 2021

Honouring all frontline workers wherever or whatever they do to keep society, communities, and families, warm, fed, connected, clean, safe, and healthy. They know who they are - thank you! (Image to follow on release). 

Empire Windrush: 22 June 2021

Commemorating the arrival of the Empire Windrush at Tilbury Docks, Essex, UK in 1948. It marked the start of the post-war immigration boom which was to change British society. Windrush carried 492 black migrants who were coming to a country promising prosperity and employment. 

Their influence and contribution have been overlooked far too long and this is an effort to redress the historical balance. This design is a period photo of the stern of the ship docked at Tilbury with passengers crowding the rails waving at the camera. (Image to follow on release).

A variant will also be released that was a result of a simple commercial printer's error (same contract as Earth Day stamp above), but were too good to scrap. The information line at the bottom of the stamp has been omitted on 11 sheets. These will be used as normal alongside the 'correct' design.

Forward Together! : 11 October 2021

Following Brexit the battle is now on to Save the Union, even if most people in the UK have not yet realised it or do not care. This stamp shows the flags of all the home nations alongside the Union flag with the legend "Forward Together!" (Image to follow on stamp release).



13 April 2021

'Express' Bicycle Rate Cachet Introduced

Express bicycle mail carried by the Canvey Island Local Post from 12 April, 2021, will now bear an additional and distinctive rectangular bordered cachet. An example of mail bearing the new cachet is shown below and this is also the first recorded use of the cachet. 

Example of 'Express' cachet Canvey Local Post mail

The cachet is 25 x 39mm and states; "Canvey Island Private Local Post EXPRESS". It is intended to highlight the urgency of an item of mail. It can also be used on its own to frank mail in place of CILP stamps if required.