10 January 2022

LPCS 50th Anniversary Stamps Issued!

Two stamps celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Local Post Collector's Society and World Local Post Day, are released today, 10 January, 2022. The release dates may differ for other local posts involved.

CILP LPCS 50th Anniversary stamps FDI detail

Detail of LPCS 50th Anniversary stamps with FDI cds on mail

Examples of these stamps will be available for collectors from 1 February from our usual agent, Alpha Thematics on Ebid UK.


7 January 2022

Local Post Collector's Society 50th Anniversary Stamps

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Local Post Collector's Society (LPCS) and World Local Post Day in late January, two independently designed and printed stamps bearing the LPCS logo will be issued on 10 January 2022.

The designs form an omnibus series by leading local posts associated with the LPCS. The first stamp (Type A) is designed and printed by Scott Abbot of the Purgatory Post, Milford, New Hampshire, USA. 

CILP LPCS 50 Anniversary Type A stamp

Type A

The second stamp (Type B) is designed and printed by Kevin Blackstone of the Philosateleian Post, San Antonio, Texas, USA.

CILP LPCS 50 Anniversary Type B Stamp

Type B

At the time of writing, it has been confirmed that four local posts have participated in this omnibus issue using the Abbot (Type A) stamp design. Their stamp release dates will differ from the CILP. 

I thank Scott and Kevin for their generosity in supplying the CILP with bespoke stamps, their dedication to promoting local posts, and their service to members of the Local Post Collector's Society.

The Local Post Collectors Society has been in operation since 1972, when it was founded to promote the study and collection of stamps issued by modern local posts, and to support members in establishing and operating their own private local posts. New members are welcome!



30 November 2021

Covid-19 'Virus' Cachet Extended

Further to our previous announcement of 18 November, regarding the withdrawal of our Covid-19 handstamp / cachet, CILP has decided to extend its life due to the spread of the Omicron mutation. 

CILP Covid Virus handstamp

The virus war continues and CILP considers the use of the handstamp / cachet to be an appropriate response to help raise public awareness to protect our respective communities and ourselves. 

This decision will be reviewed in April 2022.



19 November 2021

Online Catalogue Pt.2 Published!

CILP Online Catalogue Part 2  

As this eventful year is nearing its end and no new stamps are due for release in 2021, we have finally published our free to access Online Stamp Catalogue Part 2This part covers all stamp issues for 2021 and will be updated annually.

Creative Commons licence

Please note: this Part 2 catalogue and also Part 1 2010-20, is covered by a Creative Commons licence that allows personal use only . Commercial uses require specific licence permissions from CILP.

Current and historic stamps issues still in stock are available from our philatelic agent Alpha Thematics on Ebid UK.