20 February 2024

Online and Printed Catalogues Update

Canvey Island Local Post 'Penny Black' stamp

 Updates of our illustrated Online Catalogue pages will be suspended from 20 February 2024. Current data in the public domain will remain available online but new issues will not be added to the catalogue listings until further notice. 

CILP has taken this decision due to possible misuse by some individualsbreaching our generous Creative Commons Licence.

Also, our website format and hosting limitations may restrict our ability to expand and accommodate the catalogue in its current format in future. A slimmed-down or 'light' version of the catalogue is being evaluated.

However, our Collector Checklist will be updated for new stamp issues and released as normal under our existing Creative Commons Licence.

A new illustrated and comprehensive printed catalogue covering all cinderella material relating to CILP since its foundation, is being prepared for publication. The First Edition of the CILPDEX catalogue will be available later this year and will be for sale worldwide online from our agent, Alpha Thematics. 

Visit the Canvey Island Local Post Category in the Alpha Thematics shop!


21 January 2024

CILP on Alpha Thematics Refreshed!

Regular visitors to this site and collectors of CILP stamps will be familiar with our philatelic agent, Alpha Thematics on Ebid UK.

The good news is that CILP now has its own category in the Alpha Thematics shop, so you will no longer have to search through all the "Local Posts" category to find our stamps.

Canvey Island Local Post stamp of Amy Johnson CBE

Amy Johnson (CP064 5-Jan-2024)

Even better news is that all our listings have been refreshed and many prices reduced! 

We also have introduced a range of full year stamp lots to kick-off a new collection, or fill missing years from existing collections. All available stamp issues are still listed for single purchases.

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8 January 2024

New Issue: Aviators Series - Amy Johnson

 Aviators Series: No.2 (5 January 2024)

The 5th January saw the first issue of 2024 and the second stamp in our Aviators Series on the anniversary of Amy Johnson's death.

The famous pre-WWII aviator and long-distance record setter Amy Johnson CBE, is the subject of the second stamp in this series. The stamp shows an Oxford Airspeed AS.10 similar to the aircraft Johnson was flying that evening with an inset portrait of Amy in leather flying helmet.

Amy Johnson CBE on Canvey local Post Stamp

Ref: CLP050124S / Cat: CP064

Johnson was ferrying the aircraft to an airfield in Kent in on 5th January 1941. Due to extremely poor weather, she flew off course and failed to reach her destination. The exact reason for her crash is unknown but it is assumed she was forced to bail-out over the Thames Estuary near Canvey Island, when her aircraft ran out of fuel. Her body was never recovered.

Aviators Series stamps can be obtained at Alpha Thematics on Ebid UK. 


3 December 2023

Aviation History No2. Carvair ATL-98

 Aviation History Series: No.2 (1 December 2023)

The second stamp in the Aviation History Series was issued on 1st December. As for our first stamp in this series, it also features an aircraft from the British Air Ferries fleet but this time from c1972. 

BAF Carvair c.1972 Canvey Local Post stamp

British Air Ferries ATL-98 Carvair

CLP011223S / CP063

The four engine ATL-98 Carvair transported motorists to Europe until it became uneconomic due to their limited payload. This aircraft is named “Fat Albert” and once operated from Southend Airport and was often seen flying over Canvey Island until 1979. A total of 21 aircraft were converted to Carvair configuration by Air Traders (Engineering) Ltd.

A small item of trivia for classic movie fans is that an ATL-98 Carvair (registration G-ASDC), featured in the 1964 James Bond movie “Goldfinger”.

Aviation History Series stamps can be obtained at Alpha Thematics on Ebid UK.