24 February 2020

Postmaster's Spring Update 2020

Normally, I would have published our programme of stamp issues for 2020. However, day-to-day life has interrupted our intended stamp design schedule, and for that I apologise to our regular collector's of the Canvey Island Local Post. 

I intend to publish a stamp to commemorate the end of World War II with a suitable local theme. Details of this will be published as soon as possible.

Beyond this I currently have no plan to issue any further stamps for spring 2020. A possible house move is in the air so normal service may not be resumed for a while.

This site will also be commercial advert free from 25 February, 2020, in order to speed loading times and remove unrelated clutter. Only stamps and local post services will be advertised.

Current CILP stamps and past issues are available from Alpha Thematics on eBid UK 

UPDATE 17 May 2020: 
Sadly, due to Covid-19 and circumstances beyond our control, CILP will not be issuing a stamp for V.E. Day 75th Anniversary.