18 November 2016

Collector's Glassine Bags

The CILP will be releasing a very limited number of glassine bags containing complete sets of all our stamp issues from 2010-2016, from 18 November 2016.

The bags will include the scarce '1914 B.E.F.' stamp with the black 1916 overprint to commemorate the Battle of the Somme, and an overprinted Specimen of the currently unissued 'Emergency Mail' stamp. The majority of the Collector's Bags will be mainly available from our normal online outlet at Alpha Stamps and a few will be posted for auction on eBay.

In addition, a restricted number of Specimen 'Emergency Mail' stamps will be made available to existing CILP collectors online on eBid* from Alpha Stamps.

Unissued Emergency Mail stamp currently
 only available as an ovpt 'Specimen' 

* UPDATE 16 July 2017: All single Specimen Emergency Stamps have now been sold. 

14 October 2016

Collector Packs

It has been suggested that local post stamp collectors new to Canvey Island LP stamps, could build a complete collection of past issues quickly if sold in 'Collector Packs'.

The CILP Postmaster has proposed offering such packs of mint stamps for sale containing  all stamp issues from the first CILP stamp in 2010, to the current stamp issue at the time of Collector Pack release. It is also proposed that Collector Packs are updated annually each November to include all stamp issues (subject to stock availability).

Would a Collector Pack be useful for you? Let us have your view by leaving a comment on this post before 30 November, 2016, even if you already have CILP stamps in your collection.

The CILP will be releasing a very limited number of Collector's Glassine Bags containing complete sets of all our stamps from 2010-2016 from 19 November. The bags will include the scarce 1914 B.E.F. stamp with the black '1916' overprint to commemorate the Battle of the Somme, and an overprinted 'Specimen' of the currently unissued 'Emergency Mail' stamp. Bags will be available subject to availability from our normal online outlet below and eBay.

UPDATE: 18 June 2018 - Last few packs containing overprints and 'Emergency Mail' stamps will no longer appear on eBay. They will now only be offered at Alpha Thematics

1 August 2016

Recent Issues April - July 2016

Recent Stamp Issues April to July 2016

The CILP produced three new stamps and one commemorative card during the period April to July 2016. We are pleased to announce that two stamp issues and associated material is now available to collectors.

Due to technical issues the CILP has not released envelope style first day covers to accompany these stamps, only limited edition FDI postcards. We advise collectors not to delay in obtaining items to avoid disappointment due to our limited stock.

All stamps detailed here have been issued fully gummed and perforated. Actual sizes of stamps may differ to images shown.

23rd April: Shakespeare’s Death 400th Anniversary


The Shakespeare stamp commemorates the 400th anniversary of the death of the bard, probably the greatest and most notable figure in the history of drama literature in the English speaking world. The stamp shows the bard himself against a ‘first folio’ of his collected works. A total of 75 stamps was issued and a limited edition of six ‘first day issue’ postcards.

17th June: HM The Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday

This stamp celebrates the official 90th birthday of HM The Queen, Elizabeth II, the longest reigning English monarch ever. This is an attractive stamp showing a montage of Queen Elizabeth against an antique drawing of Windsor Castle, with “ER” monogram and interlaced dates of her year of birth (1926), age (90) and actual celebration year (2016). A total of 75 stamps was issued and a limited edition of six ‘first day issue’ postcards.

1st July: Battle of the Somme 1916 Commemorative Card

This has been issued to commemorate the centenary of the Second Battle of the Somme, 1st July 1916 (Battle of Albert). Undoubtedly, the bloodiest battle ever for the British Army, which tragically led to the deaths of 19,240 British and Commonwealth soldiers (from a total of 57,470 casualties) on the first day alone.

A limited edition of six commemorative cards was issued bearing three CILP ‘B.E.F’ stamps overprinted “1916” (two reverse and one obverse). The original stamp was first issued in 2014. A black circular cachet “Battle Somme 1916” and blue circular date stamp complete the cards.

A limited release of 34 ‘B.E.F.’ stamps overprinted “1916” have been produced for this commemoration. Sixteen mint copies are available for collectors with the other 18 being used on FDI cards.

Unissued: Emergency Mail Service Stamp

The CILP has made provision to expand its mail delivery service on Canvey Island and to the mainland in the event of disruption of normal mail services or for the duration of declared civil emergencies.

A stamp has been produced to cover this eventuality and will be issued as required. This stamp will not be available to collectors until an emergency arises and until then it remains locked away!

*All items obtainable online (subject to availability) from the 'Local Post' page within the  'Cinderella' section at Alpha Thematics 

5 March 2016

New Designs on the Way!

After a short hiatus on new CILP issues, Local Post stamp collectors will be pleased to hear of new stamp designs for 2016.

A number of stamp issues are getting their final design tweaks and will go into production during mid to late spring. Details of each new stamp and associated philatelic items will of course be announced on this blog.

Until then, visit us again soon and happy collecting!

Canvey Island Local Post

Note:Collectors may still obtain previous stamp issues and FDCs (subject to availability) from Alpha Thematics at http://alpha-thematics.ebid.net (menu section ‘Cinderella’)