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18 November 2021

Covid-19 Handstamp Withdrawal

(See Update 30 November 2021)

Alongside the issue of CILP Emergency Mail Service stamp issued on 23 April 2020, a new hand applied cachet came into use on all mail using CILP services. 

The design featured a stylised Covid-19 ‘Virus’ which has become so familiar in various designs on all media formats. 

CILP Covid-19 special 'virus' handstamp

The CILP has decided to withdraw the handstamp with effect from 30 November, 2021. It has been in constant use on all mail despatched from the CILP and on all orders purchased from our philatelic agent.

Collectors who have not obtained an example of this design are encouraged to do so before the end of November, by purchasing any CILP stamps form Alpha Thematics on Ebid UK.