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21 April 2020

Emergency Mail Service Stamp Issued

On 23 April, 2020, the CILP will officially issue an 'Emergency Mail Service' stamp.  

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 crises and its impact on UK Royal Mail services, the CILP decided it should schedule additional services for Canvey Island. These deliveries will be made within the restrictions of the UK government's social distancing guidance. Deliveries will be made by bicycle and on foot during permitted daily exercise periods.

The 'Emergency Mail Service' stamp (CLP010716S) was originally designed and printed in July 2016 in preparation for use during postal service disruption or civil emergency. Only 90 copies have been printed and of these only 79 remain for postal use and sale to collectors. Only 10 copies of this stamp have been previously made available to collectors as a 'Specimen' overprint in November 2016 (CLP181116S).


Stamps will be available on eBay UK and from our agent Alpha Stamps on eBid UK.
Mainland and international mail originating from the CILP or Alpha Stamps, will also bear the stamp until stocks are exhausted.

Keep safe, keep well, support the NHS! 


14 November 2019

Emergency Mail Stamp Back into Storage!

Having heard the news last month that the UK Royal Mail was about to face its first national postal strike in a decade at Christmas, I dusted off the yet-to-be-issued CILP Emergency Mail stamp in readiness! 

However, my hopes of finally issuing this stamp were dashed, when Royal Mail management won its legal battle this week to prevent the postal strike at the High Court and won an injunction.
Strike action may yet still take place even though this would be disruptive at Christmas time for the public. Until then, the CILP Emergency Mail stamp will have to wait another day and has been put back into storage!
CILP Postmaster