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6 July 2023

National Health Service (NHS) 75th Anniversary

CILP are proud to release a stamp (6 July) to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the National health Service (NHS).

Using stocks of our previously issued 70th NHS Anniversary stamp from 2018 (CP034), we have issued a limited run of only 34 hand overprinted stamps to mark the NHS 75th Anniversary. 

CILP NHS 75th Anniversary stamp


It is likely these stamps will only be used for local Island mail due to their limited number. Collector's are encouraged to obtain their copy without delay.


25 June 2023

UK Armed Forces Day Stamp Issued

Canvey Island Local Post are proud to announce the issue of our United Kingdom Armed Forces Day 2023 commemorative stamp, on 24th June.

CILP UK Armed Forces Day stamp 2023
CLP240623S (CP059)

This is a limited print run of only 75 stamps and is available to purchase from our agent Alpha Thematics on Ebid UK.


14 June 2023

NEWS: Armed Forces Day 2023 Stamp

Just a reminder to all our valued collector's and cinderella enthusiasts, that our Armed Forces Day stamp will be released on June 24th 2023, (catalogue number CP059).

This is the first time the CILP has marked this growing event with a stamp. The design features a drawing of a World War II British infantryman advancing uphill. It is taken from a WWII war fund raising leaflet from Canvey Island c.1943.

This is a limited print run of only 75 stamps and will be available to purchase from our agent Alpha Thematics on Ebid UK.

9 February 2023

Stamp Schedule for 2023

Our stamp schedule for the coming year has not yet been finalised. However, we can confirm some aspects of our future stamps for 2023. 

Following the announcement of the coronation date of 6 May for HM King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla, we are designing a stamp to commemorate the event for release in late April or early May 2023.

In addition, an overprint of our National Health Service stamp of 2018 will mark the 75th anniversary of the NHS in July. This will be a very limited issue.

To continue our commemoration of local history we are also proposing a set of stamps depicting significant aviation events that occurred on Canvey Island or nearby over the River Thames. This set may include the untimely deaths of Amy Johnson and Geoffrey R. de Havilland Jr., plus local aviation links involving an Avro 504 and other aircraft.

Once designs are confirmed further updates will be made. As stated at the end of last year, the print runs for stamps this year will be reduced from previous issues. You are advised to obtain your copies as soon as they are issued to avoid disappointment.



26 December 2022

New Year Greeting 2023

I would like to thank all regular visitors to the CILP website and collectors of Canvey Island Local Post stamps, for your support throughout 2022.

May I wish you all a healthy and happy New Year in 2023!



4 November 2022

CILP Queen Elizabeth II Stamps to be Withdrawn

From 31 January 2023, all CILP stamps bearing the image or effigy of our late and beloved monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, will be withdrawn from postal use.

In line with the UK Royal Mail's deadline to void non-barcoded definitive stamps bearing HM Queen Elizabeth's effigy from 31 January 2023, the CILP also considers this to be a suitable and respectful date to cease using our QEII local post stamps.

Unused stamps will still be available to collectors via our agent, Alpha Philatelics, but will no longer be applied to any local or international mail despatched or carried by CILP. 

God Save the King!



7 September 2022

Autumn Pondering: Stamp Issues for 2023?


As the summer heatwave wains and the rain returns to green-up faded grass and thirsty gardens, my thoughts are pondering philately for the colder months, and ultimately new Canvey Island Local Post stamp issues for 2023.

The second half of this year has seen a downturn in the sales of CILP stamps. We appear not to be alone. With a few exceptions, the production of stamp issues from many local posts around the world has declined. More seriously in the current economic and political climate, a significant number of local posts have ceased operating for the present or disappeared altogether.

Having said that, local posts and cinderella stamp collecting is an expanding field of alternative philately. If you are interested in the history of local posts and current local posts, or wish to explore, collect, or even produce stamps for your own local post, visit the Local Post Collector's Society or visit their group on Facebook.

With less money in collector's pockets and stamp production costs increasing, it is understandable some adjustment was inevitable, but I'm sure this is temporary. With this in mind the CILP has decided to streamline costs and shorten our stamp issue production runs for 2023, whilst maintaining the frequency of issues.

We now need to plan our future stamp issue schedule and decide what subjects to celebrate, commemorate, or depict on CILP stamps for 2023. This is where your opinion would be appreciated.

Email us at Stamps2023 listing your top three suggestions for subjects to appear on our stamps. 



20 May 2022

Final Days of Covid-19 Handstamp!

Further to our previous announcements in November 2021 and February 2022, regarding the withdrawal of our Covid-19 handstamp / cachet. The CILP has finally decided to withdraw the handstamp from 30 May, 2022.  

CILP Covid Virus handstamp

Although the virus war continues, CILP considers the use of the handstamp / cachet to have run its course in raising awareness.

Thank you to all collectors and supporters who have supported our campaign through stamp and cover sales.

Keep safe, keep well!


10 January 2022

LPCS 50th Anniversary Stamps Issued!

Two stamps celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Local Post Collector's Society and World Local Post Day, are released today, 10 January, 2022. The release dates may differ for other local posts involved.

CILP LPCS 50th Anniversary stamps FDI detail

Detail of LPCS 50th Anniversary stamps with FDI cds on mail

Examples of these stamps will be available for collectors from 1 February from our usual agent, Alpha Thematics on Ebid UK.


15 October 2021

UPDATE: Forward Together!

 Forward Together! 

The release of the Forward Together! stamp (scheduled 11 October, 2021) has been postponed. The stamp, which shows the flags of all the UK home nations alongside the Union flag, will be re-scheduled for issue at a later date in 2021. 

Missed an Issue?

We still have good stocks of all 2021 and most older stamp issues available for purchase from our agent Alpha Thematics on Ebid UK



14 September 2021

Coming Soon: Forward Together stamp!

 Forward Together! 

Following Brexit, the battle is now on to Save the Union. The Forward Together! stamp is due for release on 11 October, 2021. It shows the flags of all the UK home nations alongside the Union flag with the legend "Forward Together!" (Image will be published on stamp release).

Missed an Issue?

We still have good stocks of all 2021 and most older stamp issues available for purchase from our agent Alpha Thematics on Ebid UK



23 April 2021

Latest Stamps Used on Outgoing Mail 23 April

The lucky recipient of this outgoing mail from the Canvey Island Local Post Office will receive our three latest stamps on their cover!

Mail bearing latest Canvey Local Post stamps in April 2021

The cover bears the CILP 10th Anniversary triangle stamp (15 April), the Fight Covid-19 stamp (19 April), and Earth Day stamp (22 April). Postmarked with standard cds and 'Virus' cachet.




13 April 2021

'Express' Bicycle Rate Cachet Introduced

Express bicycle mail carried by the Canvey Island Local Post from 12 April, 2021, will now bear an additional and distinctive rectangular bordered cachet. An example of mail bearing the new cachet is shown below and this is also the first recorded use of the cachet. 

Example of 'Express' cachet Canvey Local Post mail

The cachet is 25 x 39mm and states; "Canvey Island Private Local Post EXPRESS". It is intended to highlight the urgency of an item of mail. It can also be used on its own to frank mail in place of CILP stamps if required.



25 February 2021

New Resource for Collectors - Online Catalogue!

We have had a Collector's Checklist available online for sometime, enabling new and existing collectors to check their Canvey Post stamps. But this has the limitation of not being illustrated, and short of searching our website archives for images of our stamps, there was no way to tie in checklist with a particular stamp issue unless you already had it in your collection.

Now there is a new resource that solves the problem, a fully illustrated Online Stamp Catalogue covering the entire stamp output of the Canvey Island Local Post, from its first stamp in November 2010, to our latest stamp issued in April 2020!

Despite being web optimised the size of the current catalogue file may take a couple of minutes to load due to the number of images. Future stamps will be catalogued in a separate catalogue part on a new page.

The catalogue also uses new stamp reference numbers which are shorter and easier to remember! They are similar to the basic Stanley Gibbons catalogues. My original references, which include a CLP prefix and the date of release, will be retained solely as production identifiers rather than collector references. 

The current online catalogue only covers stamp issues but we are preparing a comprehensive physical catalogue for publication in 2022. This will include first day covers, commemorative covers, postal stationery, Heritage Postcards, first day issue postcards, maxi cards and anything else postal or philatelic issued by the CILP.

I was surprised how much material there is to classify for this next project, but over ten years many designs have been produced and a lot of post has left this office! 

Keep safe, keep well...



20 February 2021

Our 10th Anniversary and more!

It seems such a long time since we released our first stamp on 26 November, 2010. A simple 1 inch square Dutch Cottage landmark from 1618. As our Collector Checklist now testifies, we have come a long way since then!

First CILP stamp issue 26 Nov 2010

But our tenth anniversary came and went without any celebration, mainly due to real life getting in the way of hobby time. However, to make amends for this gross omission, the CILP will be releasing a celebratory stamp in March.

Once production details are finalised sometime in the next few weeks, the CILP will also be announcing its stamp programme for 2021! The programme is larger than in previous years and this is largely due to the fact that we only released one stamp issue in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Keep safe, keep well!



21 December 2020

Covid-19 Emergency Local Post Stamp - Update

Collector's of CILP stamps will be pleased to hear that our sales agent Alpha Thematics on eBid UK, are trading once again. Our Covid-19 Emergency stamp issue (23 April 2020) is available for purchase from 22nd December, 2020. 


Limited First Day Covers and First Day Issue Postcards will be available subject to stock. 


All previous CILP stamp issues (subject to stock) and FDCs are also available. 

My thanks to all CILP local post stamp collectors for your support and I wish you good health for you and your families over Christmas and in the New Year!

CILP Postmaster

24 February 2020

Postmaster's Spring Update 2020

Normally, I would have published our programme of stamp issues for 2020. However, day-to-day life has interrupted our intended stamp design schedule, and for that I apologise to our regular collector's of the Canvey Island Local Post. 

I intend to publish a stamp to commemorate the end of World War II with a suitable local theme. Details of this will be published as soon as possible.

Beyond this I currently have no plan to issue any further stamps for spring 2020. A possible house move is in the air so normal service may not be resumed for a while.

This site will also be commercial advert free from 25 February, 2020, in order to speed loading times and remove unrelated clutter. Only stamps and local post services will be advertised.

Current CILP stamps and past issues are available from Alpha Thematics on eBid UK 

UPDATE 17 May 2020: 
Sadly, due to Covid-19 and circumstances beyond our control, CILP will not be issuing a stamp for V.E. Day 75th Anniversary.