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18 May 2015

175th Anniversary of the "Penny Black"

175th Anniversary of the Pre-paid One Penny Uniform Post

The world’s first postage stamps were the 1d “Penny Black” and 2d “Twopenny Blue” based on a sketch by Henry Corbould showing the head of a young Queen Victoria.  Printing of the stamps in sheets of 240 began in April 1840 and the first official day of use was 6 May 1840.
CILP 'Penny Black' stamp

© 2015 CILP

The Pre-paid Uniform One Penny Post was introduced in the UK on 10 January 1840. It was an immediate success and the volume of mail rose rapidly. Rowland Hill introduced adhesive postage stamps that could be stuck on the front of a letter to show the postage had been paid.  This proved a simple and practical innovation that spread across the world.  Postage stamps remain in use today, 175 years after their first use in Great Britain.
CILP 175th Anniversary of the 'Penny Black' FDC
 © 2015 CILP

The CILP commemorates the “Penny Black” and the Uniform Penny Post with a tribute stamp based on the original design. A total of 288 stamps and twelve FDCs were issued.

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